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Changelog for November 2022


Jakob Gillich

Welcome to our changelog for the month of November. We've worked hard to handle a huge spike in users, while still bringing you several new features and improvements.

New apps#

In early November, we have added Mastodon hosting to our platform. Due to very high demand, we've shifted our focus to Mastodon and disabled several apps that did not have active users. We hope to bring them back eventually.

Custom email from address#

Previously, emails sent by your apps were using the internal application ID in the 'from' address. We've changed this to use the custom domain to better communicate where an email is coming from.

Data export#

A major new feature we've added is the ability to export your application data from our console. This requires you to bring your own S3-compatible object storage bucket, other storage targets may be added later. Scheduling is also planned.


We have grown quickly this month, and handling the demand proved to be challenging. We apologize for any downtime experienced, and we have taken steps to prevent these issues in the future.

In addition to giving you an easy way to export your data, we've also rolled out several mechanisms that protect against accidential deletion of data.

Two-factor authentication#

We've expanded our website with several essential features like the ability to change your password or email. Two-factor authentication using TOTP apps such as Google Authenticator or Authy is now also available.