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Beta Launch Announcement


Jakob Gillich

Today, we are launching Cloudplane into early access. In this post, we're sharing why we're building it and what to expect from our beta.

How we got here#

We have a long history of self-hosting off-the-shelf web applications for personal and professional use. While this has many advantages such as privacy and control, it takes serious effort to set up and maintain production applications. But cloud-native technology is changing the way we think about servers, and there is an opportunity for self-hosting to be easier, more scalable and more secure.

With Cloudplane, we're created the tools to automate all aspects of an application's lifecycle to offer managed hosting at scale. All operational aspects are taken care of by us, and automation enables us to offer this service at an affordable price.

Trust and privacy#

Using Cloudplane won't give you the same control over your data as running on-premise, but we take privacy and security seriously. Applications are provisioned with isolated credentials, HTTPS is enforced, and we don't add any kind of tracking to our hosted apps. Further locking down applications and securing data will be an ongoing effort.

We are incorporated in Germany, so your data is protected by the GDPR. Furthermore, we preferably use EU-based infrastructure providers. Most of our core infrastructure is based in France.

Why beta#

The software we provide is using stable release versions. The reason for the beta label is this: Our internal processes are not refined yet. We want to offer self-service backup restoration and data export, but right now they are only available through our support. We are actively monitoring applications, and our monitoring solution will be enhanced over time to minimize downtime.

Planned maintenance periods and incident reports will be available on our status page.

We <3 open-source#

Without our upstream projects, Cloudplane would not have been possible. That's why we want to invest back into the open-source software ecosystem, either through direct donations or through revenue share models. We're also considering open-sourcing our core platform.

More details will be announced at a later date. Right now, our highest priority is to provide a stable service to our customers and to transition out of beta as soon as possible.